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Photo Gallery One

Prez and SRV
Antone's circa 1987

Jimmie, Stevie, Prez

                                            T-Bird Riverfest circa 1987                                         New Orleans Jazzfest circa 1989

Stevie and The Alley cats circa 1980

                                       Prez and Big Boo                                    My ex-wife Cory and Stevie
                                 Austin Opera House circa 1988                                 Back in The day

                      New York City circa 1992                                                   Berlin Wall circa 1988


                                           On The Bus Europe circa 1992                                                  Hawaii 1992

                   On the set of the "Wrap It Up" video                              With Brian Setzer and Jimmie
                                        LA circa 1988

Shades of things to come

Sara (AKA Bun) and T
My two partners...one in love, one in business

                                    Bun and Zoe                                                    Bun nods...with rig in hand
"It always seemed such a waste, she always had a pretty face, I wondered why she hung around this place"


With my babies Ghee and Big Boo
circa 1996

                        With Big Boo after my release from TDC               With his grandson Lil' Boo
                                                    July 2000                                                            2001

Me and Big Boo 2000

                                T-Birds circa 1989                                                T-Birds in LA circa 1987

"Me and Cinderella"
Bun visits after my release

Asbury Park circa 1991

R.I.P. Ray Brown
One of my idols gone forever

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