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I have added this page because of the volume of mail I receive.

All letters and posts are as originally written.

(I rarely update this page anymore)


Letters and Posts from Friends and Fans

Prison 'Lope Art from mi Sarita (2002)


My first hate mail in many, many years. Anonymous, of course.

I am a native Texan who finds you offensive and I dont mind telling you.
You slung drugs to hundreds of people and many of Austin's top musicians.
You put the "poison" in them even if they asked for it.
Its a shame you didnt die so we could truly find you a tragic hero of sorts.
If I ever see you in person, as a latin male, I intend to walk right up to you
to see how "chingon" you really are...
Calling yourself chingon means your asking to be tested.

Peace-out PENDEJO!!


I've seen your 'natural born lover' with miss lou ann!.. what a groove! thanks 4 the bass lesson!!

It's so inspiring for me. I'm from Argentina and this a great chance to thanks to u,

4 your music and 4 keep playing for us, in this, great life.


Dear Prez -

I've just come from poring over your website..... I'm just blown away at how
well-done it is. And what a great writer you are. My God, what a story. (And
I know I shouldn't, but I really dig the gunshot. Very effective.)

I'm a writer, an expatriate Texan, living in Illinois for many years now. I always
was a major Austin-Dallas blues scene fan, and know the players well. Yet I
hadn't heard your story. Fascinating. Loved the part about your poor Ma
putting an ad in the paper. I won't go into it, but our lives have certain, shall
we say, parallels. Haven't had to do the TDC dance (!), but been down Addiction
Lane a time or two myself, complete with an arrest. Fun it's not.

I was taken aback by your candor. However, you can always tell someone who's
been truly set free from dope or alcohol, because they develop this need to
tell the unvarnished truth about their story. Once rehab (or whatever one does
to get straight) "takes," all that remains in the cold, hard truth. And you can't run
from it, if for no other reason than there's always some asshole out there
waiting to "out" you! (You learn who your friends are real goddamn fast when you
no longer use.) I always loved SRV's Wall of Denial... " but in the truth we can
survive." I spent a lot of my life lying about everything, until I got clean. I wouldn't
go back to the old life for anything in the whole freakin' world. As much as I loved
dope (and boy, did I), I like me much better now! I'm so much less of a schmuck.

Sure hope you're still playing, because you were the best! I saw the T-Birds many
a time, and it always was such a kick-ass fun-fest! Music can save lives, for musician
or fan alike. I hope you are happy. If your writing is any indication, you've turned
out to be a hell of a man.

Thanks so much for telling your story. Much love and peace to you and yours.
(By the way, loved the doggies! I never trust someone who doesn't like amminals!)

Yours sincerely,
M.B. (Geneva Slim)
Geneva, IL


Hi Preston,
I know you probably hear this alot, but , "you may not remember me", my name is [T.S.] and I worked about 6 months

for ya'll in 92.

[A.S.] directed me to your site.Man, what a story, I'm really happy you have survived.
I'll never forget my first gig with you guy's. It was at Jerry Falwell's Liberty College in W Va of all places.

It was the only day they allowed alcohol on campus and it was pouring down rain and pretty damn cold.

So as we all know the usual could be expected, projectile puking, previously inhibited young females not being so

inhibited anymore etc. etc. Well, being my first gig, I really did'nt know what to expect, I was nervous as a whore in church.

I mean Doug kinda filled me in on some of what to expect on the way there, that Duke was an asshole and

I got to work for him and watch out for Frannie too! Well I had worked for The Atlanta Rhythm Section for a while

 but hell they only did 80-100 dates a year and I was getting ready to do that with ya'll in 6 months,

which at that time in my life was exactly what I was looking for. So my so called friend, and former

engineer with A.R.S. called me out to work for ya'll, remember [K.H.]? Well to make a long story short,

we went back to your room after the show and kinda got the lowdown on the band and what was up.

And I'll never forget how you just kinda opened up to us and told us how ya'll had just gotten back from Europe

and you had kicked and were doing better and I just walked away feeling from that thinking man, you know

 that cat's the rockstar in this band and he just opened right up to me and he did'nt know me from Adam's house cat.

And he is one of the nicest cat's I've ever had the pleasure of meeting,REGARDLESS OF HIS HABIT'S.

And you were man, always, thanks, I've always remembered that.
Look, also when I worked for ya'll I was taking A LOT of pictures and as soon as I can get with a decent scanner

I will be glad to forward them to you, is there a certain e-mail that would be better to send them to?
Once again amigo, I'm really happy your still here, and even happier your still playing, you are one of the best,

Ray B.'s looking down smilin,man.


Hey Preston, I am a fan who stumbled on to your site as a link from Nick Currans site.

My name is Art Martel, I do a Blues Radio Show in Southern Califonia, called Straight Up Blues

it airs on Sat. mornings @ 11:00a.m. pacific time you can hear it @ www.kspc.org

I saw you w/ the T-birds three times right around walk that walk talk that talk,

and I agree it is an album you should be proud of. Wonderful website, I spent the last three evenings

on your website reading your story, now the real truth be told on your life. Real ballsy guero!

I have worked with a lot of the musicians that your stories revolve around, as well as pictures with.

Nick, Kim, Duke, The Blazers have all been on my show, I missed you with Nick, wish I could have seen that.

I am hoping that you e-mail me back, and if you are ever in Cali, you look me up & we hook up for an interview.

Guero Loco you have touched me with your story and if you are up to it would love to do something with you on the air

you have truly lived Mi Vida Loco and I applaud your wellness hope to hear from you.

Art Martel


hola bajista loco:my name is Dario Scape from Argentina,I fan this band fab t-birds,roomful of blues

and your style bass play.no good write in english and only queria saludarlo.

thanx for your music and bassline man.


It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I came across your email address today….and even though

I may not write I still keep you in my prayers …..I have a couple of Tony’s CD’s now

and listen all the time…….you may not remember, but I met you in Houston at Cactus Moon with my

boyfriend (at the time), [R.K.]. We emailed for a while and I was interested in finding a friend to write

to at TDC after I read your website. I was able to find a “pen pal” in TDC to write to….

and you were so right…it means so much to be able to get a letter,
It was probably kinda weird at first, getting mail from a stranger….and I’m sure he wishes it was a

family member, but I still think he appreciates it all the same.
I have never written to anyone before that was in prison, but the loneliness in his words would bring me to tears.

Everyone makes mistakes, and the circumstances that put him in prison are unfortunate, but people

need to know that even though they are confined they still have family and friends that support them and want

 them to feel loved. It is so sad that a lot of their families turn their backs on them and they are feeling

the most alone in their life.
I sent him a copy of your story off your website….he appreciated it very much……

You help people sometimes, and you don’t even know it!................
You should be so proud of your accomplishments…I am….
The holidays are fast approaching and I hope they bring you love from all you meet and success in everything you do.
Much Love,


Hi Preston

I'm just writing to say i'm a fan, and think you are allright man, I appreciated you article in the austin chronicle

a few years back, but way before then, i always think of you and few others in Austin as the core of guys who really

ran shit in this town. You made music that really touched people, and isn't that what it's all about?
I've played in various austin groups over the years, __________, which was destroyed by dope,

____________ more recently, but mainly i spend my time helping bands with production on their albums

at my joint, __________. anyway, i didn't want to send a cold "add me" to you without a little hello.
like i said, when you and the t birds were hitting it hard outta austin, well, it was special,
[f. s.]


you are so fucking hot prez...i love you. youre the best bass player in the world.

thanks for making my cd sound so fucking righteous. you rule...mucho carino y besos

ck (Candye Kane)


Hey, I was doing an image search online, for "Vato"... something funny to put on Danny's comments.
Look what popped up!


Miss Tayva


Hi Preston. I'm not sure if you'll remember me, but I was the bass
player for Cruis-o-matic nearly twenty years ago. I remember making
your acquaintance in Atlanta, but for the life of me I can't remember
how! You were always very kind to me when I came to shows, and would
spend a while schmoozing when you really didn't have to. I do recall
how excited we all were when you joined the Thunderbirds, and I kept
up with your career for many years. Just for fun I "googled" you
tonight and found the site that included your amazing story! It's
extremely well written, and I was riveted reading your accounts of
prison life. I'm glad things have turned up for you, I always thought
you were an amazing player! I became a professional photographer after
many years of touring and I live in Los Angeles. I wish you well, my friend,

take care, Jason Keene.


Subj: Read your story

I just read your story. What a ride dude! Hope you are still clean and stay that way.

Guess I'm lucky that I came along a little later than you and the world of open drug use was slowly

closing by the time I was in my mid 20's (~1980). I could have been on the same path.
I too am a bassist. But not full on, like you. I make my living doing Chemical Engineering stuff. I play

blues and jazz.

 I started with rock n roll (Cream, Hendrix & the ilk) while in high school, melded into

jazz for a while, but the blues called and here I stay.
I love the stuff you do with Nick Curran. Great lines, great tone.
A couple years ago I traded out my old Gibson Kalamazoo (I've had since high school) and my '54 Kay

I've had since '76 and picked up a P-Bass and a Mathias Thoma MT-1 - what a beauty!
Anyway, your story really moved me. You write incredibly well, especially considering the vast

quantity of poisons that have coursed through your brain. Thanks Prez.
Keep clean and keep playing.


You sure got some crazy story. Roomful of Blues played at the first concert I ever went

to at Quonset Point, RI, with the Monkees and Chuck Berry etc. I'm not sure if you played

that gig, but it helped start me on this musical path.

(Josh Cole)


Hi Preston,
see attached files : 3 pictures from Mike Cross' concert at Cognac Blues
Festival (France), July 2005. feel free to use them if you wish...
and thanx for the show, it was probably the best concert I've ever heard at this festival :))
Best regards, Didier.


hi, Preston
i would like to thanks you,sincerely, for your kindness,for your smiles and your proffessional attitude,i hope ,

i can see you again soon ,you'r welcome in corsica when you want...
take care.. PHIL

(From Phillipe, our Corsican promoter)



Hi Preston. I was looking up some information about TDC when I came across your website.

I spent my afternoon reading your entire site and all I can say is "WOW".
I am married to a 44 year old meth addict who is doing a two year sentence at Bartlett State Jail right now.

He's a great guy aside from his addiction. I've never been involved in the drug scene, but can only imagine

what it must be like. My husband is a fan of The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Stevie Ray Vaughn and blues in general.

I will make it a point to have him read your story. It's inspirational at the very least.
I wish for you continued success!!!
God Bless.


Hi Pres,
Thank you for your contribution to this last gig. You added your indefinable "thump" to the swing,
and I especially enjoyed "Honky Tonk" and "Night Train."
We'll stay in touch and I look forward to the next opportunity we have to lay it down again.
Stay healthy and wise, and you'll be wealthy too.
All the VERY BEST, Al

(From my old Roomful buddy, Al Copley)








Prez: you proly don’t remember me, but my brother [C] worked with the t birds and storyville and a bunch a yall.

He was also a dang fine guitar player too. I lived in Austin for years, and played a lot a music there too.

you may not even remember [C]? Curley blond hair and a big goofy smile. You also came and played on some

weird lil thing with [C] and this guy [D] who I worked with via Wilson roofing way back in the day.

Yall were down at the arc working on that as far as I can recall. Any way I live in Kansas city

and so does chaz [C]'s father. I have been checking out your story and your site off and on for a while now.

As a musician and just as human being I have been captivated by your experiences and story’s of the strange.

Some that [C] had told me about even before I saw you had a web site. Man the lou ripps!!! I want to come out

and check yall out. Im a huge blues fan, jazz all of it. I just wanted to say that after all the wild story’s

that [C] told of life on the road with yall, and I will add that he said never repeat them please, that he took his own life

in leander tx feb 15th of 03. it was a huge mistake and [C] had been using hardcore at that point,

he just couldn’t ever get away from it man, he tried, but in the end that chit took his dignity family and

just about all of what was left of the man. I think your book should be a hell of a read, and when it comes out

I will def go out and get it. It’s not often folks come back from the dead. I wish you all the best.

Im a vinyl junkie and I have a few t bird records I would love to have you sign if yer into that sort of thing.

hope to see ya in the lou soon. it’s a dang fine day to be above ground I say!!!!!!!!!!



say i read ur page about tdc, i just got sentenced today an go into county til i catch the chain i have

28 months for my thrid dwi i just turned 22 can u give me any advice im in east texas

by the way i go in next Thursday July 15

(Unknown Sender)


Hey man,
So great to hear from you. Wasn't that great that Margolin mentioned the Alley Cats and Charlottesville! Really fun times.

I remember the hotel we stayed at in Charlottesville. We called our room the Penis Jefferson suite. Glad you like St. Louis.

I have not played there in a while but used to a lot. Johnnie Johnson is gone and I'm sad. He was the best.
Who do you play with now? Sure would love to see you.

 (Guitarist and old friend Tinsley Ellis)








Dear Preston,
My wife Ursula and I had the pleasure to attend your performance together with the Al Copley band. It was great!!!!
Is there a chance to see you perform again, sometime, with the T-Birds???? It would be great.
Kindest regards,  Ursula & Hanspeter Haudenschild


Hey Prez,
What's shakin'. My name is Steve Marriner. I'm from Ottawa, Canada. I've been playin blues for about 10 years

and I just want to say, I dig what you're doing. I've just been looking at your site and stuff and I thought I'd tell

you you're a killer! Who are you playing with these days? Take care and talk to you soon, Steve Marriner



I am from Germany, saw and heard you for the first time on April 15, in Cave 54, Heidelberg, Germany with

Tony Vega. It was a great gig. On that evening there was a unique energy field there...You create a

fascinating atmosphere. I stood at the bar with a friend. We got to know a bit Gabriela from Switzerland.

Greetings to her, maybe she will rembember. Hope, you will come back to Germany.  Angela


Subject: Nick Curran and Nitelifes Blew Thorogood away!!!

I was working security right in the very front for the Montana Blues Festival a couple of weeks ago, and Sat. night

Nick and the boys played. They were the band right before George Thorogood and I will tell you the Gods honest truth,

they were 4 times better than George. George was an ass and these guys played to the crowd, and afterwards when

asking people who they liked best, Curran was voted number 1. I owe the boys a debt of gratitude because, if not

for them getting all the ladies revved up with their music and their moves I wouldn't have gotten

so many kisses, digits, and flash shows and as well as room keys. Thanks Guys.

Todd (8/30/2003)


I love to watch you Preston, so many bass players look like they are asleep.

You practically 'dance' with it. It's great! 

Luff, Ms. Ming


Hey Prez! Thanks for the message, and a great big 'ol Merry Christmas backatcha!

Stay in touch pal and much love, Chuck

(From Chuck Leavell...Rolling Stones keyboardist)


Thanks for writing back. I had more time to peruse your website and got intrigued reading your story - your diaries,

and of your experiences. Now I want to read your book; you have such a forthright honesty about your station in life.
I wonder about karma sometimes. I used to manage an apartment complex a number of years ago that is in S. Austin,

off a major street. I had to call 911 one late night in response to someone passed out in a car, that I thought was dead,

and he had money all over the seat. I hope that wasn't you! Crikey, it would be bizarre if it was and our paths crossed

again years later. That kinda experience does keep Austin Weird! Thanks, Preston - write back
Chica girl


Hello Preston-
I have never met you but am emailing you in regard to a good friend of mine from the past.

Her name is Sara and I think she is your “Christiana” from your “Jailbird” article.

I can also see pictures of her on your website. My best friend [K.H.] and I (my name is [A.B.])

attended Hazelden treatment facility and then the Gables following that. We were in-patient with an

amazing girl named Sara. Upon leaving the Gables she tried her hardest, but was unable to

stay sober at that time (she was so cute working at Clinique at the mall!). She left Rochester, MN

headed for Austin, TX to meet up with you. Several years have passed since that day.

[K] and I are both sober and live in Lubbock, Texas. We think about her daily and would love

so much to know how she is doing and/or how to contact her. If you can help us in any way it would be much

appreciated…and please tell her we love her and pray for her safety. Lastly, congratulations to you.

 It sounds like you have been through hell and back and came out stronger and more successful than ever.

I wish you the best of luck in your future!

(Both Sara and I have been in touch with these old friends of hers)


Hey! I was reading your story today here at work during the slow times. Its quite the shit, huh?

Glad to hear your doing well and better now. Just wanted to give you my input (though you didn't ask for it)!!

You are one courageous person! Take care! Shannon


Subject: Web programming assistance for you, Senor Loc

Pres, yo! I am absolutely in awe of your writings. I am someone who is finding you in a backasswards

way, whereas, Iaint never heard your music but I read ahout your trials and tribulations in "Dope Games"

(f'ing brilliant - should be on screen) etc. I have read every fucking word of your epic memoires and can only

say how important it is to reference what you've been through and to try and steer my boat into some safer waters.

I have kicked a bunch of times in my 33 years and been ever so close to serious, major ass problems and

hit a few ruts. Luck has been my saviour thus far. I only hope I dont have to live this way much longer (or forever).

I want out but just aint ready, I guess...life goes on...
So I want to let you know: anytime you need assistance with the web design/programming I can help you out.

I do thatshit outa San Francisco for a living and teach High School in computer arts/multimedia.
I would be honored to do what I can to show you what I know...although you are doing quite alright without me!
Gimme a shout if you have a sec. and keep up the good work (what a cornball thing to say, sorry, I just feel like a
chump writing fan mail is fucking weird, I'm really not like this!!)
all the best, gF


Hey there Preston

Like you and many others I had to serve a stint for a night of drunkeness filled with mind altering chems.

I ended up Agg Assult of a P.O. and got a stiff sentence 20 years . Fuck my life of touing on the Dead was

dead in the water. My first few months in darrington were the worse but it made me strong. I was a 1 hoe member

from the gate. Since I was a Califonia Homeboy the Alfa Bet Soup helped me fit right in. I start to accept the comforts

of hell and low and behold my sentece was reviewed and the 20 turned to 5 and was transfered to ramsey 1 for 

reeducation to society. I was so estatic to be walking out the gate of the "WALLS" when the time came. Jumped

on a bus and headed home - made a pitstop in Santa Barbara (need some cash and work) and ended up with a

new term for possestion of 3 vicodins, Got a year for each. I'm finally discharging parole and staying clean.

It's not easy but i do the NA program, and let god handle it. I was on the web looking at plces that i visited in Texas

and the Padre Island brought back memories and nightmares.... the last thing i remember was kickin it at Low Places .

 I really relate with your story and thought i'd say thanks.

(Note: PO means police officer. Alfa Bet Soup is Aryan Brotherhood...AB)



I enjoyed your set tonite w/Nick Curran at Continental Club. He is such an awesome guitarist. I count myself lucky

to be able to see y'all here in Austin at such a great venue.

You must be the musician's musician-the South Austin jewel. It was really great to see Redd Volkaert, Clifford

Antone and others enjoying your craftsmanship. Thanks for a night of great music, autographing my CD and the

sweet kiss on the cheek. Thanks again.  Judi

PS Cool threads too!


Dear Preston, Whazzzzz Up!

I don't know if you remember me at all since you do have quite a following of friends, The last time I saw you was

back in 1995 and I believe you were still living at patty's then. I ended up going off to prison that year for about 3 years

on a 5 year sentence. I first met you at John's house off of oltorf & Congress and then ran around with you and

Patti, Gibby and Vicky and Johnny as well as a few others. I baby sitted for Patti a couple of times and picked her

daughter up for school a couple of times when they still lived at the condo's by the Tavern. And had some dealings

with Cory as well. I drove a little tan isuzu pick-up then and hauled you around to a few gigs and various other places.

I ran into a friend of yours in the Texas Dept. of Corrections ( State Jail Division) This time!

And she told me a wonderful story about how you have gotten yourself together and are 100% Back into the music and life!
I just want you to know that I'm so proud of you! I thought that the last time I saw might be the last because you did so much

of a dose and turned over the table we were sitting at, And all your stuff went on the ground and you were so totally out of it

that if I had been someone else you would have woke up broke. That really scared me about you. I quit coming around because I myself 

was getting pretty uncontrolable too, I had never had a heroin problem before in my life. So anyways Viki told 

me about your website and how you were doing and here I sit writting you today with my own success of being free

from heroin and cocaine for 10 years! I  just wanted you to know that I know what you've been through, It sucks that we

had to learn the hard way. But for hard heads there seems to be no other way. Well thats all I had to say for now,

Hope to hear back from you Preston... 
Take Care, B  Huggs & Kisses


I met you a few nights ago at Cactus Moon with my boyfriend. I must have visited your website at least

6 or 8 times in the last few days to read ..... I don't know you, but I cant help but be proud for you and

what you have been able to do...... You life has been a very strange, scary, exciting , painful trip and yet you

have such a warm presense I had to write again.


I've visited the website and wanted to thank you for saving all of those memories! The best times that I can

recall is when I was Assistant Headmaster at Pine Point School in Stonington and needed a band for a school dance.

I thought I had lined up Roomfull of Blues, but Greg had a conflict and gave me a card to call you.

That was when you were booking Hamilton/Bates/Blue Flames and you did come down and play very well for us.

I'm guessing that was 1971,2 or 3. Your website photos seem to say '72. Any ideas? It surely was great to

see you guys on Saturday night and listen to your tales. I came away with an appreciation for the grind of life

on the road, the knowledge that it had to be done that way, and the conviction that you are all stronger

for having done it. I'm amazed that you're all in pretty good shape after what you've been through.

I'm also pleased that you have the integrity to keep at it and not compromise your ideals. God Bless You! Ed.


Hey,  Prez,
Watching "Law & Order"  last night, and the oh-so-bad cold as ice killer's
name was.....   Preston Hubbard!! His accomplices even called him "Prez" !!


Hey Pink what up dog? Shit what a blast you are a monster! Shit when Bill left the

Stones they shoulda got ya! It was a pleasure to meet such a sweet and talented

human. Stay clean and thanks for the squares.

Your brother in Maine, Michael Chadbourne


Subject: ANOTHER T-Bird sighting!

Hey! What's with you these days? I'm seeing you EVERYWHERE!!!!

Today, I saw the video for Powerful Stuff TWICE on VH-1 Classic.

It's in rotation! T-Birds live on for sure!!!!

Gerry (12/20/2003)






(From my dear friend and baby girl, Lou Ann Barton)


I'm so super glad that our paths crossed :o) You know how every now and then someone comes along that totally

knocks your socks off? Well, it's definitely like that. I love our e-mail banter...I think he's handsome, charming,

confident (in a good way), incredibly intelligent, good-hearted, super duper interesting and a very passionate person!

I hope I get to see him soon! xox,

Lauren  :o)


What can i say about this man? you rock in so many ways, our pets our related, we have
been there for each other when there was no other...you are a shining star of
determination and perserverance...keep on keepin' on....mas love & mas respect



Pinky/Preston is someone I had the good luck to stumble upon (and stumble i probably did) he is one of the most
generous and sincere persons i know who really taught me alot. anyone who knows him knows that he's a music prodigy and
can do anything. i miss him terribly--we've been out of pocket for a small time and i've always intended to email
him but now i've had the luck to stumble upon him again and hope to reconnect. my admiration runs deep as
do my regrets that when we lived together briefly things somehow went awry. i miss you preston and wish you
the best always...we've had some awesome times together and i'm looking foward to even more. i do have funny
anecdotes but i'd thought i'd keep this a tad more serious (even though it's hard when i keep looking up at that
picture of you) since it's been awhile....but no matter how long i will always remember you(and my secret crush)



I saw Nick & the boys when they were in NYC on 4/7. All my friends know I love jump blues so I had been

forewarned that I really need to check these boys out. Well I did and fell in love. Great musicianship & great vocals.

I bought their CD "Dr. Velvet" that night. Nick was sweet enough to sign it for me. He seems like a great guy

who really appreciates his fans. Actually they all seem like cool dudes. I checked out Preston's website.

I really enjoyed it. I hope he does finish his book. I'd love to read it. He seems like a guy with interesting

stories to tell. Well, I've been playing Dr. Velvet over and over. Midnite Hour and One More Time

are my favorites.Real authentic swinging jump blues. I just bought Nick previous two CDs

from Amazon.I think the guys are due back in the NYC area in July. I hope to check them out.


By the way, I loved that tan see-through shirt Nick was wearing-Damn!

I also really liked Preston's "look". Very cool.


Thank you, thank you for answering. I appreciate your time. My brother is @ Middleton but he hasn't

called or written yet. Can you tell me when my mom can expect a call from him? I know he'll call as

soon as he can. Also, my biggest fear is that he'll be raped or beaten in the showers, etc. Please be

honest with me. He isn't a gang type, actually rather nerdy looking-glasses, small, thin. He's very

intelligent. Where will he be placed for work? Also, we filed a PIA for him before he was taken

to Middleton. Austin told me last Monday he had an interview set up on Tuesday and he was chained

Tuesday a.m. Now what? Any shred of info you can give us will greatly help. I pray for you and your

continued sobriety. Once again, thank you and God bless you.   igu


(Note: This kid was released a few months ago. I have heard nothing since. PIA means "Parole in Absentia")


Subject: The Prez!

Hey there my man,

You are the coolest bass player this side of the galaxy. It's such a joy to see you back on track and slappin' that bass...

I am hoping to catch you and The Nitelifes at the Continental Club March 11 in Austin...

Looks like Kim & Jimmie will be in town on Friday & Saturday for the Antone's shindig...hmmm

Any chance either one might drop by to play with you and Nick...wow!...The fans can only hope...

Maybe one day that dynamic 4-some known as the original T-Birds will reunite, if only for a moment to play again.

Keep on livin' right, and lookin cool...

Your #1 fan    Big Mike


Hell, that's enough of me running my head. How the hell have you been? I reckon you've been gigging around

a lot, living the rock star life, nailing all the fine chicks. I see ya, playa!

Seriously, man, you're doing great, you've been an inspiration to me. You beat the dope...if you can, I

can. Drop me a line when you get a free minute. I'll be here for a minute. I'll keep you posted.

Take it easy, bro.

Much Love and Respect, Ron

(From my homeboy, Ron... in TDC doing 20)


Maya, Monday, October 13, 2003:
What can I say about Preston that hasn't already been written and re-written on the ladies' bathroom wall of
every honky tonk and juke joint in this big ol world? Prez is the coolest, hippest, most rockin daddy in the land.
I adore him.


Hello Preston,

I wanted to send you these pictures I took at the SF Blues Festival. When Nick introduced the band members I realized

who you were, which explained why you sounded so good! Really, my wife and I feel you're the best upright bassist we've

heard at the festival and we've gone 11 years now!I have played electric guitar in bands for 40 years now and have heard

many a bassist, but you've got the best upright tone and timing.

I didn't known much about your career, but after the festival I discovered your websit and was impressed with you story and

your courage in telling the world about your hard times. I hope you finish your book, as I would like to read your whole story.

Keep on playing, Willie Klearman


Subj: I am the mother of an inmate at TDCJ

I read you web page and it was very insightful as to what my child is going through, but these terms

I do not understand. Will you help me?

My son was in Bradshaw Unit/Henderson. just last week he was moved to Huntsville, Building 812...

what that means, I have no idea. He is a trustee there. His estimated release date is 8-23-04, is it a

possibility that he is being considered for early release? His parole date, I guess is the same thing as

his parole date was originally set for 10-5-04, but was moved up for some reason. This is all so

confusing to me! I have spoke with so many people there that it isn't funny...but something in me

says that they are not being honest with me, either that or just looking at data from a computer. I

guess my questions would be: What is Building 812? How does being a trustee affect him time there?

Will it reduce it? Is there a chance that date will be moved up and how?

Please help me! I'm so lost and confused! Help some of this make sense to me, because at this

point, it is just a garbled mess! Any information that you could give me would be so appreciated.


had to take a minute to send you a note, wanted to thank you for the time you spent with us saturday night at

"Cactus Moon"... my boyfriend has been a fan for so long, was a thrill for him to get to meet you and have

          you be so accomodating.....I have been a fan of Tony for a while now, but after meeting you and hearing you play...

will make an extra effort to tell everyone about the band, and keep them posted where you are playing at.....

I read your story on your website as well....amazing.....where your life has taken you and where you are today

you should be proud of the strength you have ......will keep you on my prayer list.... angels to watch over and

keep you safe daily......it was a pleasure to meet you ......thanks again.....


Cari Lee, Tuesday, October 14, 2003:
Preston is so cool that even my dog fell in love with him. This is no ordinary guy - seriously,

check his website - he's kept company with hot chicks like Lauren Bacall and Elvira!
Preston is a very intense and intelligent guy - that's what I dig about him most!


Subj: Middleton diary

I read your diary from your time at Middleton. My brother has just been sent there. Can you please tell

me how long you were there before you were transferred to Rogelio Sanchez? Thank you so much for

writing. It has provided me and my family with insight which has helped us a lot in understanding his

situation. Please respond as quickly as you can. My mom is really having a difficult time with this.  igu


Dear Preston,

First, I am so very thrilled and grateful to know that you are alive and well. Secondly, I have

been reading your web page for months and trying to decide whether to contact you. Once in

a life time, there is a love in your life that never leaves your heart, your soul or your mind. I

have been afraid that in contacting you, I might somehow jeopardize my own current

relationship. However, I wanted you to know that I have kept up with you over the years

thru mutual friends, although since '98 haven't been able to hear anything. I am so very

happy that you are doing well (I assume you still are) and I hope you are happy. Life is

so precious and you have so much to share with each person who crosses your path.

I have always thought of you daily. Live well, be happy.

With lots and lots and lots of love,  S

From a very dear old flame


Hey Preston-

Wow...nice website. That is definitely quite a story you've got. I just wanted to say hey-we had such a great time at

the show y'all played here and are looking forward to doing itagain someday. I hope you're well, and all the other

guys, too-give 'em my best, would ya? Take good care of yourself!

-Sara (The Tractor in Seattle)


Subject: dorian grey

hey you got hooked up with a good bunch of kids. i thought the whole thing was great and

the best thing he did was get you. i don't know about you but even the traveling part is

enjoyable enough. but anyways you got something good.

(From Doug "Mr Low" James, Roomful's ex-bari player)


Preston? Hey! If this is indeed Preston from Nick Curran and the Nitelifes, your awesome!!! I saw you guys in

St. Louis a few weeks ago at Beale on Broadway! Love your toe tapping bass playin'!!! Keep it up! Take care!


PS. We also saw you guys in the little diner called the Eat Right off of Broadway after the gig and said "Hey, you guys rule!!"

  :-)  Lovin' your style of blues!


Nick Curran put on another burnin' first set--at JJ's Blues Club in San Jose, Saturday Night.

I really enjoyed Preston Hubbard's thumpin' bass. Funny guy, to boot. (btw)

The minute my back was turned---Preston grabbed and squeezed my wife, Liz! Damn!

What a mover!!!  :^) Ha!   Rockin' Ralph


I just went through your website thoroughly and Omigod, there is so much music in your past that

I have loved all the way to my bones. Bonnie's "Nick of Time", anything SRV and Robert Cray,

(I memorized almost all his stuff in the early 90s) and your pictures are great. My favorites are

the Olds picture from a couple of years ago (love your legs) and another one with your Khaki and

black print shirt and your bass........it's so sexy. You've still got it, the mojo, it's there. You are hot.

Ok, I'm done now. And my patron is wearing off........so ta-ta for now my prezious.......Ellie


I'm so sorry that I didn't get to see you before you left. I called Monday night but you guys were out.

I was going to try to sneak out of work on Tuesday before you left, but just couldn't manage it.

Anyway, it was wonderful to see you. You look great and the band is just so good. It seems that, once

again, I will be able to say that "I knew you when!" I'll keep a close eye on your schedule and

always be around to see you when you're in the neighborhood. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I love you.  Patti


It was a great show indeed. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

As cool in person as I hoped you would be. And thanks for answering

all our dumb questions. The Badass


Hey Preston,

I caught you, and the other guys at J&J Blues Bar, Sat. 10/11. Great music, you blew me away with

that walking bass. I was also impressed with the sound of your bass very full and clear. Thanks, Jim


Re: from one of the twins

Hello to you, wherever that may be. Just wanted to send a few words across the wires. Met you

in State College, PA. at Zeno's. I was sweating and smiling with my twin sister, Jean. Thank

you for feeding us some good music from the soul. It did me a whole lotta good! Pass along

a warm hello and hug to Nick; cold as hell here and snowing, too. My L.A/ yoga-posin/ health-nut

body is struggling with the whispers of a Pennsylvania winter.

Stay safe on that beautiful, lonely road.  Amy


Could you find and post some more pics of Preston Hubbard if at all possible. I really admire him.

Thanks, bullfrog123