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In October, 2000 The Austin Chronicle published the story of my life.



The following pages are the unedited version that I gave them.
It is written in broad strokes, and is but a percentage of what happened in my life.

These pages contain many graphic, unpublished photos.

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Sometimes the lights are all shining on me


*Here and Gone*

     What remains up in the air however, is the fate that has befallen former Fabulous Thunderbird bassist

   Preston Hubbard. Rumors of his demise have been circulating for weeks, followed by reports that no,

   he'd  been seen alive, though not well. His mother had placed a series of ads in the Chronicle seeking

 a lead on his  whereabouts a few weeks back and got no response. The latest tale making the rounds

    concerns Hubbard being gunned down in a drug-related shooting last week in Houston, but calls to the

              appropriate authorities there have yielded naught. At press time, Hubbard's whereabouts remain a mystery,

             with a couple of factors steering this writer away from optimism. One is the degenerating state Hubbard was

    alleged to have been in since he was released from the T-Birds, and the other is that, well, these things

                                       always seem to come in threes.                                      Austin Chronicle May 1996


                                        To make matters sadder, former Fabulous Thunderbirds' bassist Preston Hubbard

                                        disappeared and  was  reportedly dead, an assertion that has since been disputed

                                         though no one has actually seen him.                             Austin Chronicle 1996


                                          The mystery is finally solved! After years of speculation about where

                                          Preston "we thought you wuz dead" Hubbard  had gotten off to (including an ad placed

                                          in the Chronicle classifieds by his mother pleading for information  regarding his whereabouts),

                                          he's back from the grave. Well, not exactly the grave, but from a stretch in prison

                                          where he did time for possession of heroin. Unlike previous trips to the big house,

                                          Hubbard decided to kick his  18-year drug habit and has been clean for well over a year.

                                          Now that he's term-free and habit-free, expect  to see the former Fabulous Thunderbirds

                                          bassist playing around town.                                        Austin Chronicle  August 2000

"I ain't like that anymore"

William Munny...."The Unforgiven"


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